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Aluminium Plates

Contital Srl launched the aluminium plates: an innovative and patented product range that represents an eco-friendly alternative to non-recyclable disposable plates. This sustainable solution has been conceived for catering industry, Mass Market Retailers and final consumers. Aluminium plates come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are meant to hold pasta, soup, meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits and desserts, including acid and salty foods.

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Yinyun is an art installation composed of 85 unique 3D printed ceramic units, located in Taipower D/S ONE exhibition hall in Taipei, Taiwan. Through generative design algorithm, the electric data was extracted and visualized on every unit, together creating a gradient effect. Ceramic 3D printing, with a mixture of recycled material, was then used to fabricate these units, at the same time, creating detailed surface relief which was indicated by this technique. None of the units is the same as others.

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The Toromac is specially designed with its powerful look to bring a new way of consuming freshly squeezed orange juice. Made for maximum juice extraction, it is for restaurants, cafeterias and supermarkets and its premium design allows a friendly experience delivering flavor, health and hygiene. It has an innovative system that cuts the fruit vertically and squeezes the halves by rotary pressure. This means that maximum performance is achieved without squeeze or touch the shell.

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Victoria Calvatone

3D visualization is aimed to represent the famous bronze Victoria Calvatone Statue in a Roman Courtyard of The Hermitage Museum. The 3D-model has a real representation of the aging metal of the statue, its conservation stage and the design of a hall with ancient interior. The exposition is dedicated to the end of the restoration process of Victoria Calvatone Statue and celebrates the return of the whimsical goddess as an important monument of world culture.

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In the daytime, Unream is an artifact that reflects sunlight to display dynamically; at night, it uses artificial lights to create a fantasy-like atmosphere. With Unream, the designers hope to blur the line between the digital and physical world, bringing impossible materials to real-world product design. Unream is the first 3D printed object that displays dynamically by itself. With multi-material voxel printing, the designers expand binary material presence to dynamic material experience, reimagining the relationship between human, space, and objects.

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Rage over Babylon

The story and the sybolism behind the story of Babylon : Peace - I think the whole concept of Babylon, the city where all the cultures lived together speaking the same language and worked together for a shared goal, is the strongest symbol of peace. When you think about it, This was the last time mankind ever lived in peace. Advances/Innovation - The Tower of Babylon was probably one of mankinds greatest creations. It probably seemed impossible to create a few years before the construction begun, same as things and achievements we make today seemed impossible yesterday.

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